Mrs. Neipp's 7th and 8th Grade Class

Dear Students and Parents,
     I'm sure you would agree this spring break will go down in the record books as the strangest spring break ever!  Students, someday you will look back on this time and realize that it has changed your perspective ways you will never forget... but I truly believe that for most of us, we will emerge with a better sense of what is important in life, a resorting of priorities, and an appreciation for each and every day that God has given us.  As my pastor so wisely quoted - we will all gain 2020 hindsight. 
     A couple of housekeeping items - Reminder that today is pickup day at Grace from noon to 6:00.  I put a couple of things in your bags to take note of:  There is a packet of future Interactive Notebook assignments on paper; just save these.  By now, you should have both your Interactive NB and your "Giver" packets at your house.  In addition, anybody who had headphones, a computer mouse, or homework passes in your caddies, I put those in your bags too - check the bottom of the bag. 
     DAILY ZOOM SESSIONS will start TOMORROW (Tuesday, April 14).  TEMPORARY SCHEDULING CHANGE on Wednesday... (JUST WEDNESDAY) we will meet at 11:30 for 7th grade math, and 12:30 for 8th grade math. 
     Two things that need to be turned in ASAP - double check the google classroom list of items that are due tomorrow from your typical subjects.  The list of 5 vocab words from the week before break needs to be completed and submitted.  Lastly, a reminder that I am looking forward to you all submitting photos or videos of your "science at home" experiment.  You can upload them to Google drive and share them with me, or attach them in an email, or text them to me.  I will eventually put them all together and share them with the class.  Most of you have submitted the doc that briefly outlines your procedure, but if you haven't done so, go back and quick do that.  And don't forget to check your emails and Ms. Golden's google classroom regularly. 
     Finally, I'd like to leave you all with an inspirational video.  It was shared with me by a parent of one of my students, and it speaks to these times.  If any of you feel like you are stuck in a routine of mundane, small things that don't seem to matter much in this world right now, this video reminds us that if we do the small things well, we will do the big things in life well too, and by doing so, we can and will change the world, one small step at at time.  Here is the link; please watch when you get a chance.  It is on YouTube (you might need to skip past an AD first... and ask mom or dad for permission to go onto YouTube): 
     May God be an ever-present source of peace in your daily lives!
-Mrs. Neipp